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New Construction : Work on new building with backhoe and track machine, Valemount, BC
New Construction
Winter Scene : Winter in Valemount, BC
Winter Scene
Landscaping : Completing landscaping on new store/service station, Valemount, BC
Welcome Sign : Putting up hand carved Welcome sign, Valemount, BC
Welcome Sign
Road Construction : Road building with backhoe and small dozer, Valemount, BC
Road Construction
Park Scales : Details of plans for park, Valemount, BC.
Park Scales
Theatre and Complex : New theatre and shopping complex, Valemount, BC
Theatre and Complex
Parking Lot Mtce : Filling pot-holes? in parking lot, Valemount, BC
Parking Lot Mtce
New Shell Station : Construction of Shell gas station, Valemount, BC
New Shell Station
Tanks Installed : Fuel tanks being installed at Husky service station, Valemount, BC
Tanks Installed
Playground : Mel Ballard preparing ground with mini tractor at playground, Valemount, BC
Outdoor Skating Rink : Volunteer Fire Dept. making a skating rink behind elementary school, Valemount, BC
Outdoor Skating Rink
Shopping Mall : Shopping complex with mountains in background, Valemount, BC
Shopping Mall
Truck Run : Main highway, lined with flags, runs past Sarak Motel, Valemount, BC
Truck Run
Repairing Transformer : B.C Hydro crew repairing transformer using lift truck, Valemount, BC
Repairing Transformer
New Shell Station : Paving parking lot of new Shell service station, Valemount, BC
New Shell Station
Vacant Lot : Vacant lot next to Valemount Health Centre
Vacant Lot
Pump House : Pump house at Swift Creek, Valemount, BC
Pump House
Esso Station : Esso station and paving machine, Valemount, BC
Esso Station
Building in Valemount : Building in Valemount, BC
Building in Valemount
Building Complex : Public library, Village office and Fire dept. complex, Valemount, BC
Building Complex
Presentation : Presentation in front of Human Resources office, Valemount, BC
Opening soon : Sign advertising opening of Husky gas bar and Tags Foodstore, Valemount, BC
Opening soon
Bakery Opening : Working on Yellowhead Bakery, Valemount, BC
Bakery Opening
Bakery Opening : Working on Yellowhead Bakery, Valemount, BC
Bakery Opening
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