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St. Eugene Hospital : Engineer Elmer Miller who was injured a few weeks ago has been discharged from St. Eugene hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
Stewarts Confectionery : Stewart's Cranbrooks' leading store for choice confectionery, nuts and choice Okanagan fruits.
Stewarts Confectionery
Telephone : Telephone line from Cranbrook to Baynes Lake now completed, and first message over new line was an o
The Palm : Ice cream sodas and iced refreshments of all flavors available at the "Palm" in Cranbrook.
The Palm
B.H. Short & Co. : B.H. Short taking early orders for Labor Day banners and steamers.
B.H. Short & Co.
Steamboat Race : Newspaper excerpt Wilmer Outcrop - steamboat race to settle the question of the fastest boat on Uppe
Steamboat Race
Bank of Commerce : Cranbrooks' manager of Canadian Bank of Commerce at Marysville on business.
Bank of Commerce
Fink Merchantile : F. Doberer of Fink Mercantile visits Ashcroft and other Okanagan points.
Fink Merchantile
J. Harris : Mr. J. Harris on business trip to Edmonton and other places in Alberta.
J. Harris
Jones, Pringle, Chenette : Marysville businessmen in Cranbrook transacting business.
Jones, Pringle, Chenette
Monroe Lake : Cranbrook citizens leave on several day outing to Monroe Lake.
Monroe Lake
Miss H.P. Sinclair : Miss Sinclair spends her holidays at Cranbrooks' Parsonage but returned to Grand Forks.
Miss H.P. Sinclair
Typhoid Fever : Fort Steele resident taken to St. Eugene Hospital with an attack of typhoid fever.
Typhoid Fever
Mountain Lumbermen : Secretary of Mountain Lumber Manufacturers Association gives data on industry for 1920.
Mountain Lumbermen
G.W.V.A. Orchestra : Cranbrooks' G.W.V.A. orchestra made its debut at a Liberal rally in the Auditorium.
G.W.V.A. Orchestra
G.W.V.A. Provincial Secretary : G.W.V.A. Provincial Secretary returns to the Coast after a tour through the Kootenays and Southern A
G.W.V.A. Provincial Secretary
Mrs. J. Stanner : Herald asked to assist locating Mrs. Jack Stanner, former caretaker at Masonic Hall in Cranbrook.
Mrs. J. Stanner
Raworth Bros. : Raworth jewellers offering to furnish a cup for Cranbrooks' high school basketball if they can prove
Raworth Bros.
Mountain Lumbermen : Mountain Lumbermen's Association held meeting at Calgary with new officers elected for the year.
Mountain Lumbermen
Sash & Door Kitchener : Creston Review reports Kitcheners' Sash and Door Mill has forty men on payroll and more is expected,
Sash & Door Kitchener
G.W.V.A. Costume Ball : Cranbrook G.W.V.A. held their second annual masquerade ball in the Auditorium, with judging of costu
G.W.V.A. Costume Ball
Cenotaph and Park : Cranbrook is the only city its size that has no park for children to play, and while they are buildi
Cenotaph and Park
GWVA Dance : Cranbrooks G.W.V.A. to hold their weekly dance in their hall, with music provided by Thornley's orch
GWVA Dance
Wentworth Hotel : A rumpus in the hallway of Cranbrooks' Wentworth hotel resulted in arrests and fines for three men.
Wentworth Hotel
Cenotaph : Cranbrook City Council held regular meeting and discussed the War Memorial committees decision to ha
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