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Wardner : Crow's Nest Pass Railway line now completed to Wardner, making it a boom town with many residents an
Cranbrook Booming : Newspaper advertisement - Cranbrook booming and will boom even more once railway is completed as the
Cranbrook Booming
East Kootenay Hotel Ad : Newspaper advertisement for hotel with best of wines, liquors and cigars always in stock at the bar.
East Kootenay Hotel Ad
Elko Booming : Newspaper advertisement - prices on business and residence lots at what is to be the "New Townsite o
Elko Booming
G.H. Miner : Pioneer hardware store with up-to-date ranges and cookstoves, building hardwares and miners' supplie
G.H. Miner
Hotel Venosta : Newspaper advertisement - Fort Steele hotel open day and night and special agent for Anheuser-Bush B
Hotel Venosta
Lamont & Grier : Newspaper advertisement - contractors and builders from Cranbrook furnishing plans and specification
Lamont & Grier
Cranbrook Livery Stables : Newspaper advertisement - livery and feed stables with teams and saddle horses for hire in Cranbrook
Cranbrook Livery Stables
Baillie : Mr. Baillie is again special correspondent for the Prospector.
Baillie : Prospector credits Col. Baker with the statement that he was returning to Victoria to form a governm
Bank Of Commerce : Two safes arrived for Canadian Bank of Commerce, who are now prepared to receive and pay out all kin
Bank Of Commerce
Bank of Montreal : Bank of Montreal managers visit Cranbrook to look over sites where a bank branch may be erected.
Bank of Montreal
Cranbrook Colour : Amusing happenings in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Colour
Cranbrook Growth : Cranbrook growing with real estate prices rapidly rising, along with the population.
Cranbrook Growth
Cranbrook Promotion : More lots sold in Cranbrook in two weeks than there was sold in all other towns in South East Kooten
Cranbrook Promotion
Cranbrook Telephone : Telephone office moved into Cranbrook pharmacy.
Cranbrook Telephone
Cranbrook Water Co. : Cranbrook Water Company applied to Supreme Court of B.C. to construct and operate a water works syst
Cranbrook Water Co.
Hanson Land Purchase : Notice given by N. Hanson to purchase 160 acres of land on Grundy Creek.
Hanson Land Purchase
J. Hutchison : Real estate and mining broker hustling the mineral resources surrounding Cranbrook throughout Canada
J. Hutchison
Kaslo Daily News : Kaslo Daily News no longer in business.
Kaslo Daily News
Moyie Leader : Moyie paper has passed ownership to its editor.
Moyie Leader
Reid & Company : Leitch Brothers turned over their clothing store to Reid & Co., who increased their stock.
Reid & Company
Rossland Times : Newspaper article slamming new editor of Rossland Times for making statements that the people no lon
Rossland Times
Rev. Oliver : A travelling reverend gets mistaken for a heavy drinker.
Rev. Oliver
Willis, John : Former dining car cook rented a building in Cranbrook and will open a first-class short-order restau
Willis, John
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