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Theatre Opening : Theatre opening soon, Valemount, BC
Theatre Opening
Repainted Building : Back of old Village office, new coat of paint. Has fire siren on roof, Valemount, BC
Repainted Building
School Construction : Brick work on new Elementary school in Valemount, BC
School Construction
Webco Building : Construction of Webco Building, Valemount, BC
Webco Building
Save-Rite Location : Save-Rite store location, Valemount, BC
Save-Rite Location
Elementary School : Elementary School, Valemount, BC
Elementary School
Car/Truck Wash : Car/truck wash business and customers, Valemount, BC
Car/Truck Wash
Chapel Purchase : Picture is in poor quality - Village chapel purchases old Ptarmigan, Valemount, BC
Chapel Purchase
Museum : Museum, Valemount, BC
Underground Tank : Poor picture quality - large oil tank being put in or taken out. Arne Nordli on backhoe with two oth
Underground Tank
Bakery Opens : Yellowhead Bakery and anxious customers?, Valemount, BC
Bakery Opens
Excavation : Front-end loader/backhoe working on excavation, Valemount, BC
Erecting Flagpole : Front-end loader/backhoe erecting flag pole, Valemount, BC
Erecting Flagpole
Laying Sod : Landscaping at new store/service station. Note price of gasoline-regular 50.1 cents per gallon. Va
Laying Sod
Structure in Progress : Structure in progress, what is it? Valemount, BC
Structure in Progress
Road Closure : Road closure for paving, Valemount, BC
Road Closure
Street Work : Grader preparing the street, Valemount, BC
Street Work
View of Valemount : View of Ramakade Motel and townsite from Five Mile Hill, Valemount, BC
View of Valemount
Accident Scene : Old Liquor store on Main Street, hit by vehicle, Valemount, BC
Accident Scene
Water Tower : Water tower, Valemount, BC
Water Tower
Valemount Arena : Picture of Valemount, BC Arena, presented to Roy Buettner by the community. A token of their apprec
Valemount Arena
Elementary School : North end of the new elementary school, Valemount, BC
Elementary School
School Construction : Back of new Valemount Elementary School under construction.
School Construction
Playground : Children on playground equipment, Valemount, BC
Laying Waterline : Laying water line with excavator, Valemount, BC
Laying Waterline
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