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Kootenay Gold Report : Newspaper article from The Daily British Colonist focusing on the Big Bend gold rush.
Kootenay Gold Report
Good News From Kootenais : Article with letter from Fort Colville featuring the Kootenay gold rush.
Good News From Kootenais
The Kootenais Mines : Newspaper article confirming gold mines in the Kootenays and the appointment of a Gold Commissioner
The Kootenais Mines
The Kootenais Mines : Article with letter from Rock Creek confirming exciting news about Kootenay mines. Lots of informat
The Kootenais Mines
The New Mining Region : Article with extracts from the Lewiston Golden Age paper re: Intelligence from the Kootanais Mines.
The New Mining Region
First Party for Kootanais : First expedition party with goods and provisions for the new mines at Kootenay.
First Party for Kootanais
News from the Kootenais and Shuswap Mines : Newpaper article featuring reports on gold yield from the mines at Kootenay and Big Bend, and a desc
News from the Kootenais and Shuswap Mines
The Kootanais Mines : Article discussing the richness of new mines being fully and satisfactorily established on Wild Hors
The Kootanais Mines
Kootanais Mines : Article with a letter describing conditions of trek to the Kootenays.
Kootanais Mines
The Kootanais Mines : Newspaper article with a letter from Osoyoos Lake where miners have gone to record claims at Kootena
The Kootanais Mines
Kootanais Mine Reports : Newspaper article dealing with reports on the gold rush in the Kootenays. It states more than 500 p
Kootanais Mine Reports
Official Report On Kootenay : Coverage of the official trip to Kootenay Country by Colonial Secretary Birch. A very complete desc
Official Report On Kootenay
The Kootenay Report : Article summarizing report of Mr. Birch, the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia, on the Kootenay
The Kootenay Report
The Route To Kootenay : Exploring party sent out to ascertain the best route to the Kootenay mines. Travelled thru Kamloops
The Route To Kootenay
Important from Kootenay and the "Big Bend" : Newspaper article with a letter from Fort Colville reporting on first rate diggings on upper Columbi
Important from Kootenay and the
News From Kootenay : Newspaper article about extracts from Report of the Gold Commissioner at Kootenay.
News From Kootenay
Gold Rush Reports : Newspaper article covering Gold Rush reports from Big Bend, Kootenay, Rock Creek, Boundary and China
Gold Rush Reports
Report from Wild Horse : Newspaper article featuring an extensive Gold Commissioner's Report from Wild Horse. Discusses numb
Report from Wild Horse
Columbia River Mines Report : Article featuring a letter from Mr. Murphy, formerly at William Creek in the Cariboo. He mentions m
Columbia River Mines Report
The Columbia River Mines Report : Article featuring Capt. Len White, confirming reports on Columbia River mines and the construction o
The Columbia River Mines Report
Kootenay Mines Report : Article with letters from various individuals with reports on the Kootenay Mines. Featured is a rep
Kootenay Mines Report
Big Bend Diggings : Newspaper article summarizing excitement in respect to the Big Bend diggings. Mentions the fact tha
Big Bend Diggings
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River : Newspaper article describing work on a new trail by Mr Dewdney, as well as mining conditions. Menti
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River
News from Big Bend Country : Newspaper article featuring a letter from Big Bend Country describing different gold strikes.
News from Big Bend Country
Big Bend Diggings : Newspaper report with a letter by a trader on pack trains in area. It states that the Big Bend digg
Big Bend Diggings
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