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Kimberley Community Album

The Kimberley Scout Troop

Ed Taylor, a Paymaster for the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company, is credited with introducing Boy Scouts to Kimberley in the early 1920s. Scouting was a very good fit with the small mining town deep in the Rocky and Selkirk mountains. The outdoors was immediately accessible and the outdoor programmes of Scouting were relevant to the young boys’ lives. Plus which there wasn’t a lot of organized activity for young fellows at that time.

In 1926 Alf Watson, George Noble and C.T. Oughtred formed the First Chapman Camp Scout Troop. It is a sign of the interest and commitment of both the boys and the leaders that this troop immediately trained and, in the summer of 1926 hiked a marathon from East to West Kootenay and up over Kokanee Glacier to return home by boat and train to Cranbrook. Considering that some of the young fellows were only twelve years old, this was a truly remarkable sixteen day adventure.

n 1928 the First Kimberley Troop traveled by train and paddlewheeler to Ainsworth, B.C., where they made their summer camp on the shore of Kootenay Lake. They also hiked the Kokanee Glacier. The Kimberley Troop worked to have the old school house at Top Mine moved down in 1935, and then subsequently enlarged.

Then in 1940 CM&S granted the Scouts permission to use an old homestead situated on their property about four miles from Marysville on the St. Marys Lake road. Camp Stone was born, named after a president of the Kimberley Boy Scouts Association, Harry Stone. Camp Stone was used for both summer and winter activities and hikes were organized throughout the countryside. The Lake of the Hanging Glaciers, Fish Lakes, Top of the World, Mount Fisher and Dibble Glacier are only some of the arduous routes undertaken.

Scouting is an organization that has and continues to fit the Kimberley psyche. It is an active organization that still takes young boys and helps to create some of the best young men in East Kootenay. Kimberley has a proud legacy in Scouting.

Kimberley Scout Hall
The Kimberley Cub and Scout troops gathered in front of the Kimberley Scout Hall - c. 1940.
SS Nasookin on Kootenay Lake
The Kimberley Scout Troop on their way in 1928 to summer camp at Ainsworth, B.C. They are crossing Kootenay Lake…
Kimberley Scout Hall Interior
A view inside the Kimberley Scout Hall, c. 1940, looking into the new addition.
Apple Day in Kimberley
Joe Turner and Ken McLean selling apples at the corner of Deer Park Avenue and Spokane Street, Kimberley, BC.
Boy Scouts Winter Camp
Five Scouts from the Kimberley troop on a winter camp at Camp Stone. Known names are Ted Richardson, Barry Bunell…