History of Early Kimberley Schools

Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (CM&S) and the reopening of Kimberley Schools

CM&S decided to lease the mine from the new ownership with an option to purchase. After a year, CM&S exercised the option and purchased the mine. For CM&S this was an important acquisition as it would provide more ore for its smelter in Trail and complemented its other properties — the St. Eugene mine in Moyie and Centre Star-War Eagle mine in Rossland. For Kimberley, CM&S meant stable employment in the town.

The school in Kimberley would re-open in 1911. Marysville School continued to operate without interruption. Marysville may have fared better due to the two sawmills that operated in town as well others may have found employment at the large Otis Staples Mill in nearby Wycliffe.

In 1914 -1915 a school opened in Moyase a community that was between Kimberley and Ta Ta Creek. The school was open continually into the 1920s. The first school in Meadowbrook opened in 1916-1917 but closed in 1918-1919.

St. Eugene Concentrator
Concentrator and other buildings at the St. Eugene mine at Moyie, B.C.
Old Marysville School
Old Marysville School, 1996. Welcome to School Reunion on signs. Marysville, BC.
Meadowbrook School
Meadowbrook School, located near Kimberley, BC.
Cominco Sullivan Mine: Mark Creek Showing water course from mine to town.
Cominco Sullivan Mine: Mark Creek Showing water course from mine to town. Fall 1956
C.M.& S. Concentrator
Taking samples of the Kimberley Concentrator Bubbles.