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Hiking the High Line

Bill Hurst beyond the mountains

The Bill Hurst collection contains more than photos of mountains. A series of photos from the Du Maurier International World Cup Ski Races at Red Mountain in Rossland, BC in March 1968 is also part of the collection. This was the first World Cup race held in Canada and the only one ever at Rossland. Nancy Greene had broken European domination in downhill skiing and claimed the sport’s first World Cup title in 1967. Weeks earlier at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, Nancy had won gold and a silver medals.

Nancy fell in the second run of the slalom. However, she did not disappoint the thousands of fans cheering her on. Nancy won the giant slalom and would go onto win her second consecutive World Cup title. Nancy retired from competitive skiing at the end of the 1968 season.

Other interesting photos are from a trip to Vancouver in June 1958. There are a couple of pictures of the Second Narrows Bridge just after it collapsed during construction on June 17th , killing 18 ironworkers while a diver would die during recovery efforts the next day. The bridge was renamed the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing in 1994.

During the same trip, Bill Hurst is at an airshow. The highlights include the Boeing 707. The 707 had just entered production and would be the first commercially successful jetliner and bring civilian air travel into the Jet Age.

Another plane featured at the show is the Tupelov 104. The Tupelov is a two engine medium range airliner that entered production in 1956. It would be the work horse for Aeroflot, the Soviet airline. This was also at the height of the Cold War and it would be highly unusual for the Soviets to send their planes to the west.

Other interesting photos include one of the opening of the Trans-Canada Highway through Rogers Pass on September 3, 1962. Bill Hurst’s work as a hydrologist could explain photos of dams such as the Hugh Keenlyside and Mica. He also appreciated wildflowers given his many photos of these delicate plants. Cities and towns in earlier times come into focus including Trail, BC in 1963, around Osoyoos, BC in the late 1950s and Aspen, Colorado in the early 60s, as well as various trips to the Calgary Stampede over the years.

Second Narrows Bridge shortly after the collapse on June 17th 1958
This photo was taken June 18th 1958.
Boeing 707 at the Vancouver Airport Air Show
June 1958
Tupolev Tu 104 Vancouver Airport Air Show
June 1958.