Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band

“This band teaches the girls about life, it teaches them about fundraising and builds confidence in them. They learn that they can do anything in life they set out to achieve. More importantly, it’s about helping youth reach their potential, and that is why I enjoy working with youth because they have so much potential,”
said Ronalds.

The band also boasts a low membership fee of $15 annually and is an affordable alternative to other costly activities in the communities.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone and for individuals who can’t afford to pay high fees in sports or arts programs,”
she said.

The Cranbrook Bugle Girls Band is on the hunt for a new leader, someone who is willing to take the helm of a legendary ship that has given so much to the community and to the girls. The band is searching for someone with the care, passion, and commitment to enhancing the lives of young women in the community and preserving traditions that have fostered so much joy and togetherness over the years.

“I’ve always been an extremely shy person, and being in the band has really helped me to come out of my shell. Beyond that, it has taught me responsibility and leadership skills that I can use for the future. I think the band is important to Cranbrook not only for the historical value it holds but also because of the skills it’s been able to teach the youth over many years,”
Jessalyn Hellmancurrent band member
Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band Alumni c.2005
Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band Alumni c.2005 Getting ready to march in the Sam Steele Day Parade
Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band in Ottawa
Cranbrook Girls Bugle Band in front of the Peace Tower on their trip to Ottawa