Cranbrook Community Album

Fire Services

Cranbrook fire services began as a voluntary brigade. Fundraising was a large part of the work initially, resulting in the purchase of rubber hose and hose reels. Under the direction of Fire Chief J.P. Fink the brigade grew and the first fire hall was built on Baker Street near its junction with Van Horne Street.

The second fire hall was constructed adjacent to City Hall on Norbury Avenue. This structure served the city well until the change from horses to fire trucks occurred. In 1929 the present fire hall on Fenwick Avenue was constructed. This building has been modified over time. Cranbrook has suffered many fires, but the Cranbrook firefighters have always served and protected.

Cranbrook City Hall
An early view of Cranbrook's City Hall with the 2nd fire hall to the left and the Knights of Pythias…
Firehall, Cranbrook. BC
City of Cranbrook Fire Hall built 1929, 11th Avenue South (aka Fenwick Avenue)
Cranbrook Fire Dept. Horses and Hose Wagon
J.W. Foster driving Cranbrook's matched Bay fire team of Bill and Prince.