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A Legacy of Learning - Yearbooks

A new feature, and one that we think will grow rapidly!

There are so many aspects to the history of education in what was once School Districts Nos. 1 and 2, and now for the most part School District No. 5 Evolving teaching styles, communities coming and going, wars and other external influences.

One of the most interesting aspects, however, is the people. In some cases three or four generations of a family have attended school here. And there is no more personal object than the Yearbook.

We have been blessed with the generosity of countless people and institutions. As we prepare the yearbooks this collection will continue to grow. What we present here is what we have done to-date. There are selections from Waldo, Elkford, Fernie, Sparwood and two Cranbrook schools.

Published Yearbooks:

Please come back. There will be Yearbooks from Kimberley, Jaffray and other communities. And we are always looking for more if anybody wants to loan them to us. We think you will enjoy these. One user told us they are the “crack cocaine of the internet.”

People desiring high quality images can contact the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History directly.

An educational history project in partnership with School District # 5

Schools are something we all have in common. Each of us has been shaped and influenced by our school experiences. Help us gather this history which is quickly vanishing. ‘A Legacy of Learning’ will let us make it widely available on the online.

Contact us directly or through your local school.

If you have

  • photographs
  • documents
  • publications
  • crests
  • or other memorabilia relating to school events, staff and students

Please Contact Us

Contact Anna Majkowski by e-mail or 250-489-9150

Muriel Baxter Class Photo
Public and High School Building, Fernie, BC
Jaffray School Class
Cranbrook School Drama
Lumberton School Class Photo