Memoirs of Angus Davis: A Mining Legend

"Bunch" MacKintosh and Angus Davis, Rossland BC c.1898 : "Bunch" MacKintosh (right) and Angus Davis (left), Rossland BC c.1898

One thing he makes a note of in the extensive accounting of his life is that he was willing to stick it out. Davis Sr. got into a mix up with one of his employers at the Republic Mine (circa, 1899), early on in his mining adventures, and he mentions the advice of a coworker. It was a sentiment that stuck to the wall for the entirety of his career and perhaps given, as a gesture to impart some wisdom to readers.

“Play the string out kid,” he said, “a quitter’s no good.” It appears he took that advice to heart and it served him well.

As a family man, Davis Sr. was a father to several children through two marriages (with a second marriage to Maria Giovanna Quadrallo, following the death of his first wife). There was a 25 year age gap between him and Maria, a beautiful Italian immigrant nurse, with a compelling story of her own.