Cranbrook's Wandering War Memorial

Armistice Day

Lorette - Military Cemetery of the Sash Bolt : Postcard album - Environs de Lorette. Le Cimetiere militaire de la Targette. English: Surroundings
Lorette - Military Cemetery of the Sash Bolt

from The Cranbrook Herald, November 9, 1921 (p1)

Armistice Day, Nov. 11
The Aftermath

We're back from the turmoil of battle
Back from the filth and the mud,
Which ended in "rivers of blood."
Back from the stern call of duty,
We've finished with cold and discomfort,
Long nights on the watch for the foe,
Forced marches without any shelter,
To end in a trench full of snow.

The infamy of the invader.
Who broke every law of the land,
Hardened our hearts for the onslaught,
Giving us courage to stand
Against fearful odds - how we battled,
How we made the whole world hold its breath,
For it knew we were fighting for freedom -
Though freedom to thousands - meant death.

Vimy Ridge - General View Canadian Trenches : Postcard album - Vimy Ridge - General View Canadian Trenches. Cote de Vimy - Vue generale des Tran
Vimy Ridge - General View Canadian Trenches

We're worn and grey with the struggle,
For its horrors were always so near,
The form of a poor mangled brother
Bred hatred - but never a fear.
We've won, but we've paid for it dearly,
For we left in that land bleak and lone,
Our comrades, "the fallen," true heroes,
The BEST men that ever were known.

They sleep, where they fell, at their duty,
And as there's a just God above,
He'll open His arms to receive them,
And bless them with Infinite Love,
And we who remain - MUST REMEMBER
We're pledged for the rest of our lives,
To care for the widows and orphans,
Of these men who gave us their lives.