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Subject: Experimental Farms

Group Photo Outside Dairy Research Unit

A group standing outside Dairy Research Unit, 1977.

Internal ID: 0047.0028
Date: 1977

Pig Breeding

Cranbrook youth ships prize Yorkshire boar to experimental farm for breeding purposes.

Internal ID: 0050.0134
Date: February 5th 1931

Windermere Fair

Windermere districts seventh annual fall fair.

Internal ID: 0050.0319
Date: August 23rd 1917

Windermere Experimental Farm

Experimental farm noting although grain prices and hog prices are low many farmers are deciding against hog raising.

Internal ID: 0050.0514
Date: August 6th 1931

East Kootenay District Meeting

Annual district institute of the Farmers' Institute of East Kootenay held meeting in Cranbrook with twelve of fourteen institutes present.

Internal ID: 0050.0693
Date: October 9th 1930

Windermere District Board of Trade

Newspaper article reporting on the Windermere District Board of Trades council's operations. One of the highlights of these meetings was a reception held for the return of conquering here who lead the first expedition to ascend Mount Logan.

Internal ID: 0051.0103
Date: June 17th 1926

Mrs. W.S. Santo

Reporting on the death of a highly respected pioneer lady.

Internal ID: 0051.0136
Date: September 30th 1926

Windermere Autoists

Article reporting on the glorious time 135 men and women from the Federation of Canadian Teachers had touring Lake Windermere area.

Internal ID: 0051.0151
Date: August 29th 1924

Hanging Glaciers Hike

First hand report from ladies who spent holiday on horseback visiting Lake of the Hanging Glacier near Windermere.

Internal ID: 0051.0765
Date: September 5th 1935

Soil Analysis

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of B.C. and chemist of Central Experimental Farm at Ottawa expect to reach Cranbrook, to study the soil in the district and give advise on best ways to use our lands.

Internal ID: 0052.0250
Date: July 28th 1906

Cranbrook Development

Newspaper excerpt Nelson News - annual review on Cranbrook and district.

Internal ID: 0052.0471
Date: January 11th 1912