East Kootenay Labour Council Project

December 21st, 2023 1 Minute

In September of this year, the East Kootenay Labour Council (EKLC) mentioned that they would be interested in documenting the history of their organization and wondered where they might start.

A few months later, the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History(CBIRH)drafted and presented a proposal to create a visual history of their organization. A small committee met to review the proposal and move everything forward.

The CBIRH combed the back rooms of the vast collection and came up with a series of 50 images that presented the history of unions in this region to show where the EKLC grew from. We endeavoured to demonstrate the kinds of artifacts required for such a project. The EKLC invited us to present our findings to their group in mid-December.

With time and effort, we can gather enough material to make some explicit and graphic messages on a website for their organization. The proposal was divided into phases. If the Labour Council decides to proceed, this will become an exciting undertaking for 2024.

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