Building a legacy one exhibit at a time

November 20th, 2023 1 Minutes

Anna Majkowski and Derryll White install the 4-H exhibit at the SD#5 Board Office in Cranbrook while Chris Johns directs.

As the adage goes, building a legacy starts with one step at a time. This unique project, the Legacy of Learning, in partnership with School District No.5, began with the vision of two dedicated volunteersā€”one a lifelong teacher and another a historian passionate about the art of preservation.

Cultivating a love of learning early in life was part of Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History(CBIRH) Board Chair Chris John’s mission as an educator and his work within the Institute.

Johns and CBIRH Founder Derryll White brought forth an initiative to preserve and present school history across the Basin, a program that has been going strong for over a decade.
Part of that mission started with exhibits in the SD#5 Board Office in Cranbrook showcasing the school history of the district.

Derryll White prepares the School Days exhibit for the SD#5 Board Office in Cranbrook as part of the Legacy of Learning programme.

As the exhibit continues to change and new installations rotate through SD#5 by Johns, White, CBIRH Business Manager Anna Majkowski and Staff, the Kootenay Learning Campus(KLC) in Fernie is another recipient of the Institute’s work and will receive displays moved from the Cranbrook office.

As the Legacy of Learning project continues to grow, digital displays, virtual exhibits, and exhibits will continue to grace the halls, board rooms, and a multitude of locations across the Basin that enjoy and support the documentation, presentation, and preservation of history and see it as a tool for research, education, and to tell the story of where it all began.

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