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September 20th, 2023 1 Minutes



Kootenay Orchards School March 30th, 1928 – Image courtesy of the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History

As a new school year kicks off and students find themselves back in classes, the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History (CBIRH) would like to take a moment to thank School District No. 5(SD#5) for their partnership. As we continue to grow our programme with SD#5, we look forward to sharing exhibits in their Cranbrook board office and across the district in various locations as an educational tool to promote the history of the Canadian Columbia Basin.

With help from the Triangle Women’s Institute in Grasmere, B.C., we have created several panels that reflect the region’s school history, starting a new mission to share them with local students and the world.

Students are the world’s future, so having the opportunity to work with one in our office is delightful. Our student employee from Mount Baker Secondary School(MBSS) works with us several hours weekly on data entry and social media. Sasha Buckley is helping us to activate the latent images in our database, of which there are thousands. Sasha’s fresh perspective and love of virtual reality, gaming, and Dungeons and Dragons are always a topic of conversation.

Discussing artificial intelligence and its uses in our office is a huge priority with all the changes happening with the integration of AI. We hope to recruit more students from SD#5 to volunteer in various capacities with our organization and to bring new ideas and experiences. As for the new school year, Sasha is working on an entry to describe what it feels like to be back at school as a senior. Stay tuned as we continue to uncover the stories of SD#5.

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