Sisters of Providence

March 5th, 2021 1 Minute
#0006.0020: Teaching Sisters at St. Eugene School of Nursing – Image courtesy of the Columbia Basin Institute

Founded on March 29, 1844, under the direction of Mother Emilie Gameli, the Sisters of Providence are a Roman Catholic organization that operated the St. Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook for 70 years (May 1, 1898-September 14, 1968), and the St. Eugene School of Nursing (1911-1950).

Their first mission in Western Canada was to establish St. Mary’s Hospital in New Westminster, B.C., in 1886. Currently, their administerial operations reside in Edmonton, Alberta.

Today, the Sisters of Providence are headquartered in Montreal and have missions worldwide, including Canada, the United States, El Salvador, the Philippines, Haiti, Egypt, Cameroon, Chile, and Argentina.

Of the Sisters’ most notable accomplishments, they founded Providence Health and Services (PHS) in 1859, over 160 years ago. It operates more than 50 hospitals and 800 non-acute health care facilities and services in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and Texas.

Providence Health Care – A history of its founders

PHS employs over 120 000 people and is the largest health-care provider in the state of Washington.

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