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March 18th, 2021 1 Minute
A Guide to Cranbrook’s History – Walking Tour #1
Copyright Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History

Do you think that Cranbrook has destroyed most of its early architectural history? Well, think again! Yes, some wonderful buildings have disappeared, but several are hiding in plain view under vinyl siding. For those that have gone, such as the Bucket of Blood or Commercial Hotel, the stories linger.

A Guide to Cranbrook’s History Walking Tour # 1 is a 50-minute self-guided expedition that brings downtown Cranbrook’s experience to life. The tour explores the town’s early business people’s vision and their unwavering faith that the public would come if they built their hotel, store, pool hall, or café.  

The stories of these buildings deserve recognition. Downtown Cranbrook exists because of the early visionaries and scoundrels that made the city work and today’s visionaries who continue to value its historical integrity.

Enjoy the up-to-the-minute story behind the clock tower timepiece, and the clock keeper that still sets it—all of these hidden gems are features of this one-of-a-kind tour. 

Find your inner historian while appreciating the beauty of original landmarks – you will never see downtown Cranbrook in quite the same light again. 


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