The mysterious Glass House

December 3rd, 2020 1 Minute
The Glass House #2040.0005 – Image courtesy of SD#5 and CBIRH

David H. Brown spent 35 years in the funeral business. Brown wondered what he could do with all the embalming fluid bottles?


In 1952, he began building a house overlooking Kootenay Lake near Boswell (along Highway 3A); construction materials, the rectangular embalming fluid bottles.

The Wishing Well #2040.0003 – Image courtesy of SD#5 and CBIRH

Mr. Brown collected 500,000 of the rectangular bottles from friends in the business, about 250 tons worth.

Initially, the two-story clover-leaf shaped house was meant to be a residence; however, curious passers-by made this impractical.

Eventually, Brown hired staff to show the house.

There have been many additions, including an archway, wishing well, and waterwheel constructed from the bottles.


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